For graduates of the ASA Apprentice course.

“The actor’s career develops in public, but his art develops in private.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Like an athlete, the actor's skill is contingent on the maintenance of her conditioning. For graduates of the ASA apprentice course, the Actors Studio was created to provide a place where young actors could work together to continue to develop their craft and to experiment with new forms in creative theatre work.


Each Saturday from 2-3.45pm, members explore and improve their craft in a safe, laboratory environment with colleagues with whom they share the same process of work.

Members work on duologues or monologues of their own choosing, or they can choose from a bank of scripts from ASA at right.


Lab sessions are intermixed with workshops lead by industry masters, such as casting directors, movement trainers and dialect coaches. The complete schedule is listed at the beginning of each new year.

To learn more about the Actors Studio or to join our Apprentice Course, contact us here.

Studio scenes

'Fast' Scene 1

A short serious scene about two young sisters confronting their father's past.

'Fast' Scene 2

A short comic scene between a girl and a boy fighting over a chicken.

'Walking Through Seaweed'

A long comic scene between two girl friends.

'A Proper Little Nooryeff'

A long girl/boy scene where she helps him to embrace his talent for dance.

'Split Down the Middle'

A long comic scene about two girls trapped in a sinking row boat.

'Kate and Emma'

A long gritty scene about two girl friends reuniting.

'The Cuckoo Sister'

A long dramatic scene about two long lost sisters being reunited.

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Westcliffe Hall, 2 Harlow Terrace, Harrogate, HG2 0PN, North Yorkshire