Approaching the Soul of the Artist

a 12-week structured course in method acting

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ASA is more than an acting conservatory. It's a place where we celebrate the individual artist and help her to begin a life-long journey of emotional, mental and spiritual growth.

Like no other actor training in the UK, our 12-week structured, intensive acting course beginning in September 2019 will transform you from a motivated young performer to a serious, well-trained artist with tried and tested acting skills necessary to enter the industry or gain a place in a performing arts school.

If that sounds inviting, then consider joining us on Saturday, May 18, 2019, for your personal audition.

The actor has to develop his body

The actor has to work on his voice.

But the most important thing the actor has to work on is his mind.

Stella Adler


Take our four minute tour of ASA.


The American School of Acting is not a 'drama club' or a franchise. It's a deliberately small, intimate, intensive actor training conservatory where students (from Year 9 and beyond) can learn classical acting skills for the 21st century, for stage or screen. It has been carefully devised to deliver sophisticated principles to young learners. It's like no other actor training program in the U.K.


The ASA Apprentice program includes:

  • 12-week intensive acting skills course, which includes ASA video modules to help prepare you for each lesson, and all course material.

  • production of a a filmed monologue, shot on location, which gets students work in the TV/Film industry and interviews with new agents.

  • a live showcase event where you can put your new skills to use.

  • expert support for castings and auditions for drama schools

Optional extras:

  • HEADSHOTS: we will arrange an optional headshot photography session where a leading London headshot photographer (at a discounted rate to you) comes to the ASA studios in Yorkshire for a personal session with you. Former ASA students have gained auditions, agency representation and work based on their photos with him.

  • SHOWREEL: we can arrange the production of your showreel with a local award-winning filmmaker, who will film and edit three scenes. 

  • AFTERWARDS: In Spring 2020, apprentice students can join the ASA Actors Studio and receive:

    • additional training

    • intensive scene work with ASA artists in a laboratory setting

    • diverse media productions such as web dramas, audio dramas and short films

    • workshops with industry professionals such as casting directors, directors, and improvisational.

12-week course fee:

ASA believes in providing industry skills to motivated young artists - whatever their social background. So, our services are priced modestly to give you the best possible training - a good product at a good price of £350. But we also offer bursaries for financially disadvantaged students.

Commitments from you:

  • commitment to Saturday sessions between 1pm-4pm (dates below). You will be allowed to miss one session.

  • weekly homework, including keeping a diary for the first few weeks, as well as exercises that you will prepare and present the following week (prep time 30-minutes), and short video lessons that will prepare you for the next lesson.

  • memorization, including a simple short scene, and a 2-3 minute monologue that you will be required to learn no later than October 19th which will be produced as an industry-standard short film in December. We regularly work with children who have learning challenges, so don't let this put you off.

ASA is for:

Young artists who have big hearts, can listen and focus on the work of others, can explore their own personalities, and most of all, want to grow and want to work.

ASA is NOT for:

Drama queens (or kings) who must be constantly stimulated while they hog the spotlight, and who do not have the self-discipline to complete the work outside of class.



  • September 7: course session

  • September 14: course session

  • September 21: course session

  • September 28: course session, assignment of monologue

  • October 5: course session

  • October 12: course session

  • October 19: course sessionOn this day you must be completely lines off with your monologue in order to continue with the course.

  • November 9: course session and rehearsal of monologues

  • November 16: course session and rehearsal of monologues

  • November 23: course session and rehearsal of monologues

  • November 30: course session and rehearsal of monologues

  • December 7: shoot date to create a film of your monologue

  • December 8: Live performance of monologues at the 'Listen to Me' event at Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds.




"After completing ASA's high standard of training, I have been lucky enough to receive two offers for drama schools, including a degree offer from the Guildford School of Acting in Surrey. 

Jake Abbott

"I would 100% recommend ASA. They are the main reason I was accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts."

Katie Holroyd

Ava Bounds  stole director Sam Mendes' heart with her acting skills and booked a starring role in 'The Ferryman' in the West End.

Emily Belcher is preparing for her first starring role in the independent film, 'The Trap' filming in Scotland.




"Good sense of humour"

"Developing young actors as individuals"


here's just a small sample

Parents say...


Saturday, May 18, 2019 from 10am-4pm. Upon booking, you’ll be given a 10-minute audition slot.

Fee: £15 registration fee covers the cost of room hire. 



After you book, we’ll send you a short monologue to memorise completely and perform at your audition. We will also send you instructions for sending us a photo or a headshot. After your audition, we'll have a short chat so that you can get to know us and ask any questions.


What if the student has learning challenges?

We're renowned for our sensitive coaching, and we’ll work with your child’s needs. We'll give them plenty of techniques for learning text and completing all the exercises.


Is it actually any fun?

Definitely. Students enjoy working and playing with like-minded young people, and we keep the activities varied, so that the ones that require sustained focus are balanced with ‘out-there’ creative exercises. Students also enjoy exploring more deeply their own personalities and strengths. Parents will also appreciate that the sessions are held in a 'digital detox' environment, so that students are free to explore and develop their individualities.


Why so serious about the requirements for completing the exercises and learning the monologue?

…because, as Michael Caine says, “Acting is bl**dy hard work.” Our goal is to prepare the young artist for what it’s like in the real world. And we’re successful at it. In the real world, you’re given a script a few days before the audition. Likewise, an ASA student will regularly be given an acting exercise to prepare for the next week. Much like an agent or director, we will allow you to miss one of these opportunities. After that, you’ll be released.


For the monologue, your child’s performance will be captured by a professional film crew so that you can use it as a self-tape. Previous students have gained agency representation on the evidence of their self-tapes. Consequently, we require that your child learn the script completely before rehearsals begin, so that we can help them deliver a professional performance. 


Do you have any connections in the industry?

ASA artists who complete the Apprentice course then move up to the Actors Studio, where they can attend numerous workshops where they meet TV and film directors, casting directors and agents, and get one-on-one tuition to prepare for auditions. They may also be considered for membership with ASA Talent Management. Artists have found that ASA kickstarts their careers, with successful bookings in West End shows, independent films and successful applications to drama schools.

If you have any further questions before booking feel free to contact us here.

AUDITION for 12-Week Acting Course
Book your 15-minute audition for the ASA Acting Course here. Afterwards we'll send you your short monologue to learn for the audition.
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