Giving you practical performance skills over a Saturday afternoon, ASA masterclasses are structured and focused, but also fun, personal and useful.

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Mastering the General American Accent

Saturday, March 30, 2019, 1-4pm

Using role-play activities, games, songs and script work, this three-hour masterclass will help you to produce American sounds like a native, but you’ll also learn the distinct rhythm, tone and personality of this accent - and the 'dead giveaway' words to watch out for. Course fee: £35. Maximum class size: 12 students.

Venue: Westcliffe Hall, 2 Harlow Terrace, Harrogate HG2 0PN

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ASA will train you in one afternoon.

The next time you watch an American film or TV series, you might be surprised that it was shot in Europe. With English actors! The reason? No taxes, so lower costs - but if it's EDITED in America it's classed as a 'Union' project. So, a win-win scenario for English actors. The NatGeo series ‘Einstein’ alone needed 150 UK-based actors with near-perfect American accents for their shoot in Prague!


Never miss out again on the chance to audition with confidence for an American character - whether on TV, film or stage.


This fun workshop gives young actors, age 11 and above, the skills to handle any script requiring a General American Accent, whether it's High School Musical, School of Rock or Grease.

  • strengthen your skills for roles on stage, TV and film

  • work from actual scripts, songs and monologues

  • includes course book for further study.


Presented by American School of Acting's principal teacher, Bryan Bounds, professional US actor, voiceover artist, teacher, writer, producer and director, with a little help from his American friends!



The Act of Singing

Saturday: April 6, 2019, 2-5pm

Want to take your singing up a level? Infuse your musical theatre or classical performance with character, feeling and focus by using the ASA method acting technique of preparing a song during this three-hour workshop.

Course fee: £35. Maximum class size: 8 students.

Venue: Westcliffe Hall, 2 Harlow Terrace, Harrogate HG2 0PN

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The ASA Act of Singing Masterclass is perfect for:

  • the young artist who has an upcoming musical theatre audition

  • the student who is preparing for music conservatory auditions

  • any singer who's realized that singing is more than just getting the notes right.


We've taken the ASA method of actor training and applied it to solo singing. You'll learn the same performance concepts that are taught at music conservatory across the U.K.



Remember to prepare:

  • a musical theatre or classical song that's memorized

  • a backing track that can be played by bluetooth or through a 3/8" jack

  • most important: the lyrics of your song typed out as a monologue.



Killer Camera Course & Self Taping Survival

Saturday, April 13, 2019, 1-4pm

Do you have an on-camera audition or an upcoming job but you’re wondering how to switch from stage acting to screen?


Screen acting is not about ‘making it smaller’, and this three-hour workshop will use video examples, scripts and a camera crew to teach you how to make the camera your friend.

Course fee: £35. Maximum class size: 8 students.

Venue: Westcliffe Hall, 2 Harlow Terrace, Harrogate HG2 0PN

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  • Want to become more versatile by adding screen acting to your skills?

  • Is self-taping driving you crazy?


You know the basics of acting...but you still think that screen acting is just about 'being smaller'. Think again, and let us help you!


The ASA Killer Camera Course & Self Taping Survival Masterclass is the perfect booster for the actor who wants to keep learning. Using exercises, video demonstrations and simulations, we'll help you improve your skills and learn the subtle differences between acting for stage and screen - the aspect of modern acting that's everywhere, but seldom taught.

Learn the secrets of the closeup
GenAm coursebook
Example of an audition breakdown for a U.S. film shooting in London

"It's not enough to be able to just sing the notes. The singer must answer specific questions about their character before they make that first sound."

Audrey Hyland

Vocal coach and lecturer,

Royal College of Music


Westcliffe Hall, 2 Harlow Terrace, Harrogate, HG2 0PN, North Yorkshire