Dear ASA family, we’ve got so many events planned for May that it calls for a newsletter page. This will allow me to give you all the details about workshops and the exciting web series that are in development.


These opportunities are ONLY available to our graduates and ASA Talent clients - therefore in true ASA style, it will be small, focused, friendly and intimate.


And please note that some of these workshops will require fees to cover costs, as the Actors Studio concludes at the end of April (but we're still taking bookings if you want to work through any material).













DATE: Saturday May 5, from 2pm-5pm at Westcliffe Hall


FEE: £25 (free for actors who are paying the web series production fee)

  • Want to improve your self-taping skills?

  • Want to get ready for the Casting workshop later in May?

  • And if you’re in the web series, do you want to polish your skills before the cameras roll?

"Okay, we're ready for your closeup." This statement fills every actor with terror. So Bryan has created this workshop as the perfect booster for the actor who wants to keep learning. Using exercises, demonstrations and simulations, Bryan will help you improve your camera skills and learn the crucial, yet subtle differences between acting for stage and screen - especially when it's time for that closeup. 


Want to join us for the workshop? Head to the Actors Studio and BOOK HERE

DATE: Saturday May 12, 10am-1pm at Westcliffe Hall


FEE: £40

We’ve managed to persuade award-winning Coronation Street Director Ian Bevitt to run a Self Tape and Casting Workshop. Ian has 20 years experience directing Dramas such as Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Waterloo Road as well as various CBBC programs. He has a deep interest in the artistic process of the actor and knows how to speak 'our' language.

Here's how you can help you land your next role:

  1. We ask that you all complete self tape and submit it (we will send you the sides). Ian will view and make comments on all of your submitted tapes and give feedback on the day of the workshoP. This is extremely helpful as most initial castings are now done via self tape and we need all the help we can get to make winning tapes.

  2. He will simulate a live casting session (with camera). He is keen to make the session as realistic as possible. This will give you an in-depth idea of what to expect on the day of your audition.

  3. Ian is constantly casting for ITV so this is an opportunity like no other to get in front of him.


Want to join us for the workshop? Head to the Actors Studio and BOOK HERE.


We’re in pre-production for this timely sci-fi series about a social experiment aimed at helping a group of young people take the next step in human evolution. Joe Simmons, our director, has his sights on entering this video series at future film festivals!


Joe and I are scouting locations for the shoot days in June 9th, 16th and 23rd, and if you've been cast and haven’t paid the production fee already, we’ll soon be contacting you soon regarding the fee of £300. We also ask that those participating be flexible as some of the shooting will occur at night on those Saturdays.


Now meet the Cast:

Flossie Attwood

Hattie Attwood

Emily Belcher

Frankie Bounds

Alexia Broadbent

Lois Elsdon

Ollie Gough

Ruby Johnson

Hannah Redfern

Saskia Steca



As director, Joe has expressed a preference to not ‘rehearse it to death’, so, instead of having structured rehearsals in May, we’ll instead rehearse the scenes on the days of the shoots, as most productions are run in the industry.


SCRIPTS WILL FOLLOW SOON, and we will set up a table reading before the shooting. This may be on Saturday, May 19th.


Westcliffe Hall, 2 Harlow Terrace, Harrogate, HG2 0PN, North Yorkshire