Bryan Bounds, Head of Education

Bryan Bounds (MFA, DBS checked), is a professional actor, teacher, playwright and theatre producer, living in North Yorkshire, with 35 years of professional acting experience. Bryan has an MFA degree in Acting and has taught acting classes at the University of Texas, as well as public speaking workshops across the US. He has acted professionally in stage, film, radio and television productions in Texas, New York and the UK. The founder of Amerrycan Productions, he has produced touring theatre productions, and wrote and performed across the US and Europe in a critically acclaimed solo drama that gained five-star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe. He also produces freelance voiceovers from his own recording studio.

Bryan Bounds with David Tennant in the feature film, 'Mad To Be Normal'.

Joe Simmons, Head of Production

Joe Simmons (MA) is a film director based in Harrogate, and he creates all the short films produced by ASA. Joe has just completed his MA in Filmmaking at The Northern Film School in Leeds. He is well on his way to to building a career in film and television through hard work and creative perseverance. His MA film has just started its festival run -  playing in Egypt, Ireland and Canada so far. He travels constantly and makes films through the KINO Movement and has produced most of the content he has created through the collaboration with people he has met through that movement. He's passionate about sci-fi and philosophically oriented content and centers much of the work he creates around that genre.

In collaboration with other filmmakers in the UK, he wrote and directed an ambitious ASA film production featuring the graduates of ASA, which is now being shown at film festivals around the globe..


Westcliffe Hall, 2 Harlow Terrace, Harrogate, HG2 0PN, North Yorkshire