Student scenes

Wait Until Dark

A gripping excerpt from the classic thriller that spotlights the talents of young artists at the American School of Acting, starring Emily Belcher and Ava Bounds.

Two Weeks with the Queen

A soulful performance from Ruby Johnson blends perfectly with the chirpiness of Charlotte Oglesby in this offbeat womance by the American School of Acting.

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Student monologues

Ruby Johnson

Artist Ruby Johnson performs the most powerful teenage monologue ever.

Prepare to be haunted as Ruby Johnson plays Charlotte from ‘A Brief History of Helen of Troy’, where a teenager whose mother has recently died finds herself searching in fantasy for what she cannot find in reality.

Emily Belcher

Artist Emily Belcher stars in 'Bleak House' showcase monologue.

Charley, a destitute Victorian girl, finds a new home in YADA artist Emily Belcher's showcase monologue from 'Bleak House'.

Ava Bounds

Artist Ava Bounds stars in 'Random Thoughts' showcase monologue.

Katie learns about life while posing for a Victorian photograph in YADA artist Ava Bounds's showcase monologue from 'Random Thoughts in a May Garden'. 

Henry Etherington

Artist Henry Etherington in his debut on-camera monologue.

How many pieces of a human can you take away and it still works? YADA artist Henry Etherington explores this while performing a darkly humorous monologue from 'The Loss of All Things' by Chris Goode.

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Taster video

Look inside the American School...and Spot the Action!

Learn Stanislavksy acting and EARN CASH...what could be better?

Are you serious about learning the art of acting? Here's one of many fun and profound games and exercises that you won't find in any other acting school to help young artists hone their craft at the American School of Acting

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Mastering the Alabama Accent

Learn the secrets of speaking (and singing!) in an Alabama accent - a template for all Southern American accents - taught by Bryan Bounds, Texan founder of the American School of Acting.

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Monologue workshop 1: Mastering the monologue

American School of Acting presents a helpful video for choosing, preparing, learning and rehearsing a monologue, the icebreaker for all actors. Presented by Bryan Bounds, Principal teacher of the Yorkshire Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Monologue workshop 2: Scoring the monologue

Spotlighting the American School's groundbreaking Table of Actions, founder Bryan Bounds shows actors how they can save themselves from ‘Death by Acting’ at auditions, by scoring and delivering a winning monologue that’s captivating and full of variety.

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Westcliffe Hall, 2 Harlow Terrace, Harrogate, HG2 0PN, North Yorkshire